O nas

Raczej trafiamy w sedno

We set up our business in 1997. Since then we have been displaying excellence in Integrated Marketing Communications. Since 2003 we have transformed into Rodolux and operate as a cooperative that combines specialists and experts in integrated marketing communications, journalists, IT wizards and capable consultants.

We define ourselves as theoreticians and practitioners is Integrated Marketing Communications and we became adpet at working for many branches.

For the past 20 years of business practice we have been awarded the highest accolades:

Primary, we are the theoreticians in marketing communications. We have published hundreds of scientific articles and a book dedicated of the theory of the brand hegemonic brand.

The origins of our company name are a bit ironic and derives from ‘KLAKA”, which means:

– applause that claquers beat during someone’s performance or

– a group of claquers present at a given performance, appearance, etc.

Ethymologically KLAKA (according to The Dicitonary of Foreign Terms) is borrowed from French
word „claque” and means „clasps”. Also groupies who are being payed for clapping or a claqueur –
colloquially a person who is being payed for applauzing a commissioned performance.

We put every effort to be creative in everything we do thus we have established our numerology. It permeates every facet of our expertise and defines us as professionalists.

  1. You have got to know how to look at things: try to look at things from different perspectives and angles, refresh your framework every time.
  2. Visualize your though/Map your thoughts: a proper mapping of your thoughts will help you to understand a given information more thoroughly. Augment your view/perspective. Only numerical and mathematical approach to thoughts and data makes them stiff and inflexible.
  3. Let yourself a free flow of thoughts/a free stream of thoughts/ Take your thoughts for a free ride.A true creativity is about generating excellent ideas. Sometimes the path to is rough and bumpy. Don’t validate initial ideas. Let them flow. Take notes of the best and polish.
  4. Build new associations: constantly create new dots to join and rejoin new ideas. Like LEGO bricks and pieces.
  5. Join what is disjointed / apply solutions, impressions, concepts from one domain to another.
  6. Look at two sides to everything / Consolidate things that exlude one another and you can only conceptualize them when they are dissociated.
  7. Look at „different worlds” / seek analogies, paralles, similarities and apply solutions implemented there to your domain.
  8. Focus on serendipity / Don’t ignore unexpected resolutions and associations. Be attentive and chisel them into a final idea.
  9. Be a team player / Brainstorming in a group seems a perfect idea to stir your creative juices and complement each other in generating an excellent idea.

Our mission is coveyed in Samuel Beckett’s words:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better”.

(“Zawsze próbowałeś. Zawsze przegrywałeś. Nieważne. Spróbuj znowu. Przegraj znowu. Przegraj piękniej”)

We are also inspired by Mother Nature:

Klaxons and Echoes are close to our hearts and minds and high mountains that we are heading towards 🙂